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Uniform Pants Inseam Alteration...

Are you constantly stepping on your uniform, as your pant legs drag the ground? When you wear pants that fit, they are more comfortable! Inseam alterationalteration is also a great way to keep your uniform pants looking great! It elimates the wear and tear that occus when pants are to long. Our alteration service is professional and fast. We provide high quality alteration to the length that you request. Our service is fast and reliable to ensure your new uniform pants arrive as soon as possible. Order Today!!

*Inseam alteration are offered free with uniform pants order. Simply select the desired length when adding your item to the shopping cart.



sew mach-2We also offer in store alterations and garment repair:

Jeans, Dress Pants, Uniforms, and much much more...

*Waist Alteration

*Inseam Alteraton

*Button Replacement

*Zipper Repair 

Just bring your garment into our store and a member of our friendly staff will assit you.




*** Items purchased with Alteration are not eligable for return***